Wise Giving: How To Really Help the Poor (Daniel Bair)

Poisoned Apples: How Our Charity Harms and How to Make it Help
A man in a wheelchair, dirty and disheveled, begs you for only a couple coins to help fill his empty stomach. An unkempt lady sits by the side of the road, her two young kids running circles behind her, a sign on a piece of cardboard in front of her reads "We just want a place to sleep." What is the government doing to help these people, and does it help? What are the churches doing to help these people, and does it help? What are you doing? Is it really helping? Come join the dialogue as we discuss how traditional ways of helping actually have caused more harm and how we as the church can walk alongside the impoverished to restore them to their communities (and us to ours).

Wise Fools: The Call for Christians to Give Their All (Daniel Bair)

Everyday Evangelism: How to Effectively Share Our Faith in Daily Interactions
Your waitress has obviously had a rough day. Her red eyes cannot help but scream of the many tears she has already shed today. You had planned to leave a tract with your tip, but can you do more? Whether it's in the line at the grocery store, at work, at school, at home, or your hair salon, can we be more prepared to share the Gospel with our acquaintances, neighbors, family and friends, or even people we meet for the first time? Join us as we walk through some scenarios, add some tools to our evangelistic toolbox, and help sharpen each other's skills in everyday evangelism.

Getting your marriage R & R (Christa Hardin)

In this three part series (1 1/2 hours each), couples will learn to relate healthily to one another as never before! Specifically, they'll learn how to give their marriage the recharge it needs and to energize their love life together. They will discover how to keep laugh and fun going strong, to accept and embrace one another's differences, to transform through trials and finally, to engage one another in captivating conversation!

Becoming God's Best for Me (Christa Hardin)

A session for individuals and couples wanting a deeper understanding of their individual personality strengths and areas for growth.

Releasing Attachment Wounds (Christa Hardin)

For those wanting a deeper level of marital healing.

Get in the Love Lane (Christa Hardin)

Pre-marital and dating mini-workshop & Q & A.

The God who Is: The Existence of God (Samuel Schleif)

Is there proof for the existence of God? How do we know that God really exists?

"The God who Is" is a workshop dedicating to proving the existence of God. Pastor Samuel Schleif will give an engaging and diverse 40-45 minute presentation seeking to prove the existence of God by logic, experience, and story, then he open of the floor for a question and answer time. No question is too hard! If you have doubts about the existence of God or if you want to know how to better defend your faith, don't miss it!

The God who Speaks: The Validity of the Bible (Samuel Schleif)

Is the Bible Really God's word? Isn't the Bible outdated? Hasn't it been changed? Wasn't it written by men?

"The God who Speaks" is a workshop defending the Bible as God's words. Through the puzzle of history, originality, prophecy, and experience Pastor Samuel will discuss Biblical inspiration. You might be surprised by what you discover. After a 40 minute presentation, he will open the floor for questions and discussion. If you have questions about the Bible or want to understand it more please come to "The God who Speaks"!

The Son of God: The Superior Christ (Samuel Schleif)

Is Christianity the True Religion? How do know out of all the religions in the world that we've found the right one? Aren't all religions basically the same?

"The Son of God" is a workshop seeking to discover if Christianity is really the true religion. Through stories comparisons, and reason Pastor Samuel Schleif dig into the dilemma of different religions. As usual the presentation will be followed by a question and answer time. If you've wondered about Christianity and other religions, or if you want to learn how to better defend your faith, don't miss this workshop!

The Last Frontiers: Global Missions to Unreached People Groups (Anthony Cao)

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." - Matthew 24:14. In this age, God has advanced the gospel at an incredible pace, and we are beginning to see all nations rise with the same confession of faith in Jesus Christ. But the work is not finished, and the Lord is raising up the global Church to accomplish the task of completing the Great Commission. This workshop will be an introductory course on frontier missions: 1) Biblical basis for frontier missions 2) The current state of missions to the unreached 3) Field testimony from a missionary to Egypt and 4) Practical steps for getting involved. Please join us in learning about God's heart for the unreached, and how we can partake in the completion of God's history!

Plumbing the Depths: Equipping Yourself for an Eternity of Wonder (Hans Sun and William Wu)

This workshop will seek to explode common misconceptions we have about the Bible and correct the misinterpretation that arise from the familiarity that leads to contempt. We will seek to learn some of the tools that allow us to explore and access the transformative power contained in God's Word to us.

Romans 11:33
Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!

Life in the World of Death: A Study of the Book of Judges (Irene Sun)

Darkness runs thick and chaos overflows in the world of Judges. But Yahweh speaks and keeps his promises to his people even where evil prevails: "I am with you."

The depth of God's mercy does not depend on the fervor of our faith, or the sincerity of our repentance. Yahweh is trustworthy and praiseworthy because he is God. His steadfast love endures and his faithfulness pursues us - even in the face of our failures and rebellion.

Part 1: Info on me and my organization, unreached and unengaged people groups in East Asia. The great need for workers and the areas that are unreached. (Patty)

Part 2: The missional heart of God (Patty)

As we go deeper in the Word we see that the bible is not just about the stories of people or how God instructs us to live holier lives but that the bible is God's story about Himself: it is about His nature and revealing that nature to us. It is a story of love, forgiveness and blessing. It is the mission of God to pursue us in this way and His desire, again and again is that all peoples know Him and are blessed with eternal salvation through grace by faith in Christ alone. God is a missional God and He calls us to be missional people. Our lives are about God's story and mission. Our lives our a testimony to share. We have been given the authority to do so and we have been given the call to do so. God includes us in His story as coheirs of Christ and those who will enlarge His kingdom and speak of His greatness; we have never been called to be merely consumers of grace but disciples who have been affected by the living word of Almighty God.

Part 3: What does it mean to be a disciple? How do I know what God wants me to do? What are my reservations, doubts and fears? What can I be sure of? What process does it involve to find my calling? (Patty)